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He has radar! That's right! David Cobb has radar when it comes to zeroing in on someone's physical pain and/or issues. I have suffered with sciatica, low back pain and poor posture for years, and while acupuncture and chiropractic care have all been beneficial, the bodywork that David provides has been the missing link. Whether ...its rolfing, massage or a combination of the two, David truly has a gift for helping people.
--Liz Brunner, Reporter
David's excellent work has allowed me to keep a very busy schedule. My job takes a physical toll on the body and I would not be able to maintain the level of productivity I currently enjoy without regular structural integration work from David.
--Matthew Prouty, Business Owner
David's knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues, combined with his innate touch and his ability to "read" the body, has produced positive change in my overall health. After finishing my first "ten series" I have benefited at many levels. There is a decrease in the amount of tension I hold in my neck and shoulders... with an improvement in my posture when standing and seated at a desk. I am also more aware of my alignment in my day-to-day activities. David has succeeded in delivering results and long-term improvement that I have not received from chiropractic or other forms of bodywork alone. He is an outstanding practitioner!
--Earl Hinton, Human Resources
As a tennis player, I suffered with chronic back pain and hip bursitis. I found David's business card in a yoga studio and started Structural Integration sessions. Now I am enjoying playing tennis again, even win some matches thanks to David's great work.
--Edwin Medrano, Registered Nurse
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